Thursday, 28 May 2009


I'm not going so far as to admit that I participate in slicklegging. I just came serendipitously across slicklegging while watching the fabulous adaptation of Jake Arnott's The Long Firm by the BBC. Here is the according excerpt of that scene from the book:

I suppose he seems fellatio as an expression of democracy. He once confined his conviction that ingesting young & vigorous semen counters the effect of aging. He was quite serious about it. I replied that it was probably the closest he'd ever get to transubstantiation. I'm not adverse to it myself but I usually like to maintain a proper posture when mingling with the masses. Mutual masturbation, I think is the tedious technical term. I hate this modern definitions. Makes everything sound coldly medical rather than deliriously sinful. There's an ancient word that far better describes my pleasure. Slicklegging

According to Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition by Barry Richard Burg, the expression slicklegging does not extend into heterosexual vocabulary.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Der innere Schweinehund

The biggest obstacle to get sufficient exercise is is called in German der innere Schweinehund, which has to be overcome.

Literally translated, this is the inner swine dog. What is actually means is that one has to overcome one's lack of will power or one's weaker self. But it so much easier to blame an anonymous swine than oneself.


When reading Deadwing's recent posts, the Spanish word desmaor came to mind, which stands for the lack or absence of love and affection.

Despite all the love songs, Spanish is far from being a romantic language. When it comes to love, it's even brutally realistic by not believing in eternal love.

There are two verbs which can be used for to be, ser and estar. A bit simplified, ser is used for things that last and estar for those that don't. If love would not eventually turn into desamor, we were to say soy enamorado. But love will go to blazes, eventually - hence, one has to say estoy enamorado.

However, it's still better to experience estoy enamorado, than being denied the feeling at all.